This site offers high-definition images of the National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties from the Collection of the Kyoto National Museum.
1.Select by Category or Period
A. To search a work by title, enter the title in the gSearchh field. The result will offer corresponding titles and/or partial titles.
B. To select works by category, click on the relevant image.
This will take you toSelect by Period, which offers work belonging to the designated period.
C. To select works by period, click on the timeline.
This will take you to Select by Period, which offers work belonging to the designated period.
D. Use the arrows or drag the mouse to navigate the timeline (which shows Japanese, Korea, and Chinese periods above the corresponding Western years).
E. Other languages.
Select by Category or Period
2.Select by Work
h. View images of works included in the selected category.View image?will appear by clicking on the title you wish to see.
H. Shows the number of images retrieved and allows user to refine search if necessary.
J. Change the number of items retrieved.
Select by Work
3.View ImageView Image
K. Scroll bar/ Click on the arrow to move the image in the main window iOj
L. Navigator/ The red frame indicates the section visible in the main window iOj Drag the frame to view other parts of the image.
M. Zoom/ Drag the slider up and down or click (+) and (-) to enlarge (or decrease the size of) the image in the main window iOj
N. All images of works with multiple images will be shown. Click on the image you would like to see to view it on the main window iOj
O. Main Window/ View high-definition image.
View ImageView Image